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Please read these terms of service carefully.


  • Our site provides you with access to adult content. User has rights to access almost everything on this website for free, registration is not required, however some content/options may be available only for registered  members.


  • Terms of service apply to all users, that means even if you are using our website as a guest you still have to follow the rules, if you do not understand terms of service or you dont accept them, please leave this site. If you break these rules we will block all your accounts.


  • We are not responsible for the content that users are uploading. We do not monitor content of the website but If we will see some inappropriate content we will be forced to remove it.


  • We may change these terms of service by updating them, users should check periodically this website in order to check if terms were not changed. Use of this website means that user knows and accept these terms of service.


  • If you have any questions, or any comments please contact us: majinpowers@gmail.com



2.About our website

This website allows you to upload and share pornographic and erotic content only, content unrelated to this topic will be removed.

IMPORTANT: We will not accept or tolerate pedophile content, that means if user see some pedophile content then he is obliged to contact us immediately, to allow us take appropriate action.

We reserve the right to turn off or even remove the website completely at any time without giving any reason.

On our website it is possible for you to find some links to other websites for which we do not take responsibility. If you will visit other websites through our website, you should read the rules of that site because our rules are valid only on our site.

Use of our website means that you have read and accepted our terms of service and you agree to see adult content. User takes full responsibility for people who are watching our site alongside with him

This website allows our users to download content from it, but this does not mean the purchase of that content. Downloaded movies, pictures and other content are only a copy for your personal usage.


3. User

Only adult users are allowed to use this website, If you are under 18 years old, you are not allowed to use our service so please leave our website.

Users are obliged to give us true information during the registration process. User is also obliged to update that information if those have changed.

Users are responsible for what they are doing on this website and they undertake to comply with our terms of use.




Terms of use.

1. Users are responsible for secure access to their account.

2. User may not use our website in an illegal way.

3.User will not use our website in a way that exposes us to criminal or civil liability.

4.User may not use this website to gain access to unauthorized copies of content protected by law.

5.User may not use this website to attack other users (publication of personal information, pictures etc.)

6.User may not use this website to promote cruelty to Humans or Animals.

7.User cant use accounts of other users.

8.By providing content on our website user declares that they are clean and free of viruses and malware that can harm other users of the service. It is prohibited to publish links to sites with malware.

9.User cant remove labels or signs from the content that he is uploading (copyright information, owner logo)

10.It is forbidden to use or copy our logo or other trademarks that belongs to website owners.

11. By publishing materials you state that you are not violating any copyrights. User takes full responsibility for what he is uploading.


Right to content on this site

1.  The entire content on the site (excluding the content published by the users) are owned by site owners and are protected by copyright.

2.Content published by the user we do not own and we do not take responsibility for it.

3.By communicating and chatting with other users of our page through our service and the available tools, you also allow us to keep the copies of it.

4.If you suspect that the content contained in our site may be illegal or violates terms of service you should notify us as soon as possible.

5. Our website may contain links that redirect to sites and services that are beyond our jurisdiction and therefore we do not take any responsibility for any damage that may be consequence of the opening of such a link.

6.By communicating with sponsors or advertisers who place their content on our site, user takes responsibility for what he is doing and for the consequences.

7.This site is not liable for any damage caused by downloading content posted on our site by its users.

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